The Bucket List – 100 Things To Do

I stumbled across this site while reading another blog – what an amazing journey this person has been on.  Rather than practicing the coulda, woulda, shoulda philosophy – this guy made a list of 100 things he’d like to do in life, also known as a bucket list,  and is slowly but surely accomplishing each of them.

Taking a look at his list reminded me that not everyone takes advantage on opportunities to become self fulfilled rather than financially secure.  Granted, financial security is an important part of life (right?!) … but, if it comes at the cost of not being happy, not finding love, not being whatever – then you’ve wasted your life.  It’s as simple as that.

I made a list (not of a 100 things) that I wanted to do in 2008 and with the completion of my MBA will have completed it. I’ve been skydiving, went golfing, ran a 6:10 mile, etc.  Getting the MBA has sidetracked me from a lot of “fun” things that I wanted to do in the past 2 years (and is one the “bigger” things that I wanted to do).

Graduation is around the corner – May 2011 to be exact.  I think it’s time to create another list of things to do and get to work!

What do you want to do next?


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