Marketing Engagement = You Really, Really Like Me

We’ve all been enamored with bright shiny objects or flashy this and that at least once in our lives.  Yes, even the so-called experts in social media strategies can be led astray by something as simple (yet, flattering …) as “followers”.  Who doesn’t want to be the “popular kid”, right?  Social Media has re-introduced the concept of the high school popularity contest via the ability to actively garner and publicly display the amount of your social media platform followers in a B2C or B2B environment.

Question:  How many of your followers on Twitter are contributing to the conversation?  How many of your Facebook fans are posting wall comments or recommending your company to their followers?

From a true strategic perspective – who cares how many followers you, your brand, your company, your whatever has?  I immediately question the validity of social media marketing efforts if the number of followers is mentioned as the first criteria for success.  Social media is a significant opportunity for consumer, candidate, or client engagement.

Engagement leads to revenue.  Engagement leads to a succesful new hire.  Engagement lands new business.

It’s the quality versus quantity game.  Active and Passive engagement (discussed in a future post) need some degree of interaction that leads to an action.  And yes, you do need both types of engagement but I digress.  5,000 or 5,000,000 followers doing absolutely nothing in return to push marketing efforts = nothing more than an immeasurable branding exercise. 5 or 500 followers consistently interacting with your company, your brand, or simply YOU = opportunity … whether personal or professional.

And yes, it’s that simple. IMO.  Your thoughts?

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