New HP CEO = New Strategy?

Léo Apotheker is transitioning from a 20+ year career (including a recent stint as CEO) at SAP to the CEO of HP.  This is a BRILLIANT move by HP with regards to a corporate strategy.  Software, ERP, or SaaS platforms like SAP = revenue growth! HP’s recent acquisition of Palm and the WebOS platform requires new leadership for proper execution of a platform or SaaS approach to HP’s product positioning.  Internal candidates were most likely too hunkered down in traditional hardware positioning and marketing … although, one has to wonder … what kind of leadership training or benchmarking does HP have in place to promote candidates from within?  Question – were there no internal candidates with a background in SaaS or Platforms who could execute a transition like this at HP?   It’s difficult to believe that there wasn’t a single Gen X’er with years of experience in their tool belt ready to rock this thing out?  Just sayin’ …


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